pamela anderson naked on playboy mansion by hugh hefner

Hefner: "Women are sex objects and should be grateful Playboy"


Hugh Hefner is now 84 but is still super at the head of the Playboy empire. Humo talked to the guy.

Hefner says the criticism of women's movements do not understand. Not then and not now. "I was stunned. Really, I was flabbergasted. How can you simultaneously before the emancipation of women and against sexual freedom? Unbelievable!" sounds in the weekly.

"The women Playboy should be grateful. The magazine has their damn help rid of their chains!"

Whether it leaves women to sex objects degrades? "Pff, the simple truth is that a man and a woman are two different beings, who are drawn irresistibly to each other. Women are simply objects of lust - that's just what the world go round!"

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