Britney Spears’ Vagina Rears Its Ugly Head Again

I don't know if seeing Britney Spears' vagina one more time means that she's slipped even further into the depths that are her miserable life, or if she's just maintaining the status quo, but either that girl needs a crash course in underwear, or the Paparazzi need to leave their lens caps on.

Britney has long been a complete joke, but it's really ridiculous now. She was supposed to go into court today to try to get more time with her kids, but she over-slept. Yeah. She's that retarded. Underwear and alarm clocks. Two things Britney Spears might want to read up on. Assuming she can actually read.








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Britney Spears' Pussy: Oh the Humanity!

You didn't want it. You never asked for it. But you knew it was coming. And here it is: Britney Spears' pussy.

Well done Britney, you've lowered the bar yet again. It's almost endearing how even Paris Hilton tries to stop Britney from showing everything there is to show. And Lindsay Lohan tries to help her exit the car. But to no avail.

Egotastic! readers, you've been warned. Britney Spears' genitals are not for the faint of heart. Also, if you're not into C-Section scars, you may not want to click.

What am I saying, of course you want to click. Because you are a sick, sick, sicko.

If you need to be warned that these pictures of Britney Spears pussy are totally NSFW (Not Safe For Work), then you really do have problems.






































































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